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A portfolio of direct equity investments in private companies diversified across industry, vintage year and underlying private equity manager.

Key Investment Themes & Sectors

Building a portfolio of companies that are expected to benefit from long-term growth trends.

Key Investment Themes

NBPE invests in companies that are expected to benefit from key themes, positioning the portfolio for a range of possible macro-economic conditions with a demonstrated ability to perform well in a challenging environment.

Businesses with Low
  • Characterised by more defensive sectors or end-markets
Long-Term Secular Growth Trends
  • Target higher growth rates due to long-term trends / behaviour changes

Key Sectors

  • Significant exposure to software / security
  • Diversified end markets / applications
  • Mission-critical applications and sticky customer bases
Consumer / E-Commerce
  • Emphasis on e-commerce delivery / models
  • Companies with value-add products / services with limited cyclicality, strong brands and competitive positions
Robot Arm 
Industrial Technology
  • Broader tech applications, including automation, distribution and fulfilment, and optics / sensing technology
  • Devices and healthcare delivery or system improvement
  • Favourable sector tailwinds, including aging demographics