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Investing in high-quality private companies to generate long-term growth

Our Approach

  • Co-invests alongside top-tier private equity managers in their core areas of expertise
  • Primarily invested in the US, the largest and deepest private equity market
  • A focus on companies that are expected to benefit from long-term structural growth trends underpinned by a highly selective and responsible investment approach
  • Leverages the strength of Neuberger Berman’s platform, relationships, deal flow and expertise to access the most attractive investment opportunities
What is a Co-Investment?

A co-investment is a direct private equity investment in which the co-investor invests into a company alongside a private equity fund. The co-investor has the benefit of full due diligence in order to make its investment decision, and if it chooses to invest, operating control of the company remains with the private equity manager.

How We Execute Our Approach

Neuberger Berman is a leading private equity investor, and has deep relationships with a large number of high-quality private equity funds around the world. NBPE leverages the strength of this platform to access co-investment opportunities from some of the world's leading private equity managers.

Neuberger Berman’s integrated private equity platform has strong co-investment capabilities and experience, providing sourcing, evaluation and execution of these strategic co-investment opportunities for NBPE.

A highly selective investment approach

Investment Approach Investment Approach