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NBPE intends to target an annualised 3.0% dividend yield on NAV

2023 dividend payment dates
H1 2023 dividend payment date
28 February 2023
H2 2023 dividend payment date
31 August 2023

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Dividends are declared in US dollars and paid in pounds sterling, but the Company also offers both a Currency Election for US shareholders and dividend re-investment plan for shareholders who wish to reinvest their dividends to grow their shareholding.

The dividend documents below provide information to Shareholders regarding NBPE’s Dividend Re-investment Plan and US Dollar Dividend Election for US shareholders as well as election forms for each of the options. Investors should read the dividend documentation carefully prior to choosing an election. If an election is not made, investors will receive cash dividends in Sterling. Shareholders are advised to consult with a tax advisor concerning potential tax consequences of an election. Anyone acting for the account or benefit of a U.S. person who elects to receive additional shares through the dividend re-investment plan would need to sign a Qualified Purchaser certification, which is available below. The completed forms should be returned to NBPE's Investor Relations department by email at or by the Investment Manager’s mailing address, which is available under the contact information section of the website. For further information on the Dividend Re-investment Plan and Sterling Currency Election, please contact the Company’s registrar, Link Group at Please see the contact information section of NBPE’s website for Link's mailing address.